Hush Blog

SilentDragonLite v2.0.2

This is an optional maintenance release with removed a no longer supported lite server and updated checkpoints to 1.710.000 for security and faster syncing of new wallets.

SilentDragonAndroid v1.0.4
"Prolyphic Puckwudgie"

This is an optional maintenance release with updated checkpoints to 1.710.000 for security and faster syncing of new wallets.

Hush v3.10.2
"Fiendish Fenrir"

This is an OPTIONAL but RECOMMENDED release due to the security and optimization improvements for Hush and all HACs with upgraded WolfSSL and significant optimization changes, it includes mining upgrades for DragonX full nodes and much more!

SilentDragon v1.4.2
"Waggish Weevil"

In this release we fixed a coredump that can happen after importing a private key. When compiling it is now possible to set a custom number of jobs, when building, SD now also prevents the logging of sensitive data to STDOUT.

SilentDragonLite v2.0.1
"Ethereal Electric Eel"

This release has new Notes Automation code that increases the number of unspent outputs to be able to send multiple transactions at once hence giving users an opportunity to send messages in bulk.

Hush Community Grant #0

We are thrilled to announce that lucretius was granted with 10800 HUSH for its work on the latest SilentDragonLite releases. It includes Instant HushChat that has mempool integration and notes automation that guarantees instant messaging experience!

SilentDragonLite v2.0.0
"Shielded Supersonic"

Now HushChat supports mempool transactions to render messages instantly! Other changes are related to how Lite wallet connects to various community servers ensuring a stable connection.

Hush v3.10.1
"Oneiric Octopus"

This is an OPTIONAL but RECOMMENDED release. This version fixes a bug that causes "payment to wrong pubkey" error when syncing a new node and an increase in synchronization speed.

SilentDragon v1.4.1
"Scintillating Sundew"

This release has improved Private Key Importing function, new tab "Debug Log" that renders content of debug.log and helps in troubleshooting and a new tab "View transaction" so simulate a built-in explorer but in the GUI wallet.

SilentDragon v1.4.0
"Zany Zooid"

1.4.0 now views block info for any height, supports a proxy running on something other than localhost, adds a compile fix on Ubuntu 20.04, transactions tab now displays more than 10 mining reward TXs, translation fixes and bug fix for Windows file path export.

Hush v3.10.0
"Sassy Siphonophore"

This is a MANDATORY release for Hush and ALL nodes must upgrade by Dec 16th 2023. This version has AntiSpam defenses against shielded spam, optimization, various bug fixes and new Decentralized FR.

SilentDragonAndroid v1.0.3
"Gifted Gorgons"

This is a maintenance release with updated checkpoints, minor performance tweaks, and changes for downloading sapling params from our own random servers.

Digital Tumin launches as a Hush Arrakis Chain

We are creating a new Hush Arrakis Chain for these folks in Mexico for the digital version of their existing local currency Tumin!

SilentDragonAndroid v1.0.2
"Brutal Basilisk"

This is an optional maintenance release that introduces Split releases, updated checkpoints for faster syncing and improved chain security, and a bug fix.

Hush v3.9.4
"Maniacal Manticore"

This release is recommended for solo miners, mining pools, and exchanges. Includes updated checkpoints, latest RandomX code and checkpoints for DragonX, various improvements and bug fixes.

Hush Dev Update #1

Now it is possible to mine CPU minable Hush Arrakis Chains with Raspberry Pi and similar devices. A new code in testing that decreases RAM usage by 30%. Ubuntu 22 and latest Arch Linux support. More work toward FreeBSD support and much more!